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Apr 21, 2006
Huickory, NC
Hi all, I'm new here, and I just got my first Nepenthes today. I live in a USDA zone 7 (about 4 hours from Carolina Beach) and have three pitcher plants, and two venus fly traps, that have successfully survived a full year outside in my bog garden. (YAY!) So my confidence was up when I ran into several tropical pitcher plants at Home Depot, and I brought one home. It is labeled as Nepenthes Miranda.
After thumbing through Savage Garden, and searching the web I still feel completely in the dark. One site I found said it was N. northiana x N. maxima. (Though I also have seen another site say it was something else that I can't recall off-hand) And from what I've been readin here I believe it can be grown as highland or lowland, but does best as a highland species.
My thought was to repot it from the mystery meat mix it is in, into one part long fiber sphagnum, one part orchid bark, and one part peat moss. But I wasn't sure this was necessary, or even recommended. (This soil it is in now is nearly black and feels like dried peat moss, and I know they've been watering them with a garden hose like all the rest of the plants they sell.)
Also I was thinking of snipping off the dead pitchers, it's got quite a number of browned crispy pitchers, but it looks like it is putting out new ones, but there are no living open pitchers on it at the moment.
Any help would be appreciated. This is the biggest CP I've had so far and would love to see it thrive.
Thank you in advance.
May 4, 2003
San Francisco, CA
Woohoo! Your first nep!

OK, first, don't worry. Nothing is going to happen quickly. Personally, I'd let it get used to the new surroundings for a couple months before repotting, but you could also do it now if you wanted. I'd take the peat moss out of your mix and just go with the lfs and orchid bark. N. Miranda is about the toughest nep there is, so you don't have a lot to worry about. Just give it some decent light and it will be happy as a houseplant. Congrats!

Oh, and go ahead and cut off the dead pitchers or leaves.

Aug 27, 2004
San Diego, Ca.
Welcome to the forums and welcome to neps
Soon you will need a bigger house so you will have room for all the neps that you will get

[b said:
Quote[/b] ] One site I found said it was N. northiana x N. maxima.
That would be N. X 'mixta', which is a lowlander. N. 'miranda' grows well as a highlander.


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Oct 30, 2005
Louisville, Kentucky
welcome to the boards! N. 'Miranda' is the mix of N. (x mixta) x maxima. they get HUGE rivaling that of N. Bicalcarata, but its WAY more hardy and forgiving. from what i heard N. 'miranda' is highly rewarding!
good luck