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White powdery fungus taking over my sarrs


Sarracenia freak
Ok guys, what the heck is this??? At first I flipped out that it was mealies, so I douced everything with Bayer spray. Nothing. Few days later, I soaked everything with Sulfur spray.. and that seemed to help for a while.. Then it just comes right back maybe a week later on the same plants.. I have some that are literally completely covered and the plants are not happy.. And you'd think this sunny, hot, dry 95 degree weather would make fungus not happy, but it sure doesnt seem to care!

looks like powdery mildew lots of my herbs and veggies get it every august blackberries and big leaf maples are the main carrier of the spores,on other plants i cut it off don't know with sarrs

you can try alcohol on it
I would get some liquid fungicide containing Bacillus subtillus. Serenade is the one I use on my plants (not cp's). Most garden centers carry that one, OMRI cert. I would try it on one plant first before applying to the whole lot.
"Eagle" is another fungicide that works better than serenade if you can find it. If you have a freind growing Cannabis, they would more than likely have what you need.
Do not dally, this stuff can spread like wildfire in a day.
A current survey on my home site shows this years Powdery Mildew has started earlier, and more widespread than in years past.
It looks more like spider mites to me. Look closely with a magnifying glass. For spider mites all you need to do is spray them off with water.

(I take this back and now agree on whiteflies.)
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^ what mickey said. I get it on my pumpkin plants a lot. A 50/50 spray of water and alcohol should kill the fungi while leaving the sarrs burn-free.
eagle works great but don't know about using it on cps
BE get the macro lens out and get me a closer picture. seems to be up and down the pitcher. could even be waxy residue left behind by mealybugs. just your pitchers are not deformed enough....... but other homopterans scales, mealybugs, whiteflies can leave a white waxy residue...... Maybe a few pics near the base would help me also...
I was also thinking whiteflies. I just washed a bunch off my irises.
Have you ever treated them with one of the Trichoderma based products?
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Powdery mildew I think and it does kill the plants if it gets out of hand.

Brie if you want to try a more natural method: skim milk + water works. You need to spray it in the area, %10 milk to %90 water is fine though I've used more milk. It may be a bit difficult to spray a sarracenia thoroughly but it definitely works, you'll see them get better in a day.
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I've been seeing it too, I just cut off the effected pitchers.
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Generally mealybugs will be at the base of the plant or along leaf ridges, not on the more exposed areas and the lid.



But it could be the residue from whiteflies.


This photo is on iris and imagine it with all the creatures gone. I have not seen whiteflies on my Sarracenia.
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Funny, I just found the same powdery fungus on one of my Sarrs. I think Mickey is right in that this is simply something we should come to expect around August.
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Either that or you've all gotten a "carrier" plant from the same source.

And even if you don't see any mealybugs they could be in the roots:
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Either that or you've all gotten a "carrier" plant from the same source.

And even if you don't see any mealybugs they could be in the roots:

Definitely not mealybugs in my case, I just bare-rooted all of my plants and moved them across the country.
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i thought I had powdery mildew on a few of my sarrs it was just the light hitting the hairs in the pitcher, dumb me
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My pumpkins and squash always get powdery mildew every summer. The sarrs never get it. Oh, and those are some horrifying pictures, guys.
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wipe it, dont spray it. You can spread spores all over your area. If you plan on killing it, bag it first before you remove it so spores stay in the bag.

Milk and water mixed works great for mold and botrytis "bud rot". Its usually a losing battle unless you can turn the humidity down.
Oscillating fans can help a lot to stop molds from setting in.