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Where Do You Buy Your Soil?

Where do you guys get the peat moss, perlite, sphagnum moss, or sand that you use for your plants? I don’t want to end up buying the wrong stuff on accident.
I get most of my materials through garden stores/nurseries and occasionally lowes.
No pesticides, organic, all of that.
Peat - Home Depot, Lowes
Perlite - Hydroponics Shops and/or Garden Centers - Be sure to avoid the Miracle Grow brand with added ferilizers.
Sphagnum - Calwest Tropical Supply - http://www.calwesttropical.com/
Sand - Swimming Pool Supply Stores
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Peat at lowes., Perlite at garden center, sand at local quarry.
I buy my peat, pumice, and perlite from OSH (Black Gold) and my silica sand from a pool supply store. Most potting media is safe, just watch for too much minerals or fertilizer and I guess you should be well off.
Would the sand that you buy for reptiles work? I have some left over from when I set up my scorpion’s cages. I’m going to be starting some Drosera and Sarracenia seeds soon, and yes, I’m fully aware of how long Sarrs can take to grow.
Depends on what variety of sand that is. Check the container for the words silica or quartz. If you see these as the main/only ingredient you should be fine.