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Where do rhizomes belong?

Are rhizomes supposed to be buried under the ground or sit on top of the soil? Last year I noticed that my sarr rhizomes appeared very prone to rot buried as they were in the soil. When I dug some up to divide them I saw that roots had been growing out all over the place, even from the top of the rhizome. I thought this could not be good for pitcher development and may choke out the plant, so I potted many of my sarr rhizomes a little bit above the surface this year. However, a couple have not resumed growth yet and may have dried out. I had originally chalked this up to division stress but now I'm not too sure. I can take pictures if it would help. Thanks!
I try to make sure the soil is about halfway up the rhizomes. Too high above and they tend to dry out, too far below and tend to rot. Sometimes getting the soil level right can be difficult depending on how the plant was previously grown, especially if it had out grown it's pot and rhizomes are all wonky from being crowded.
I agree with Cthulhu. When you plant them into the ground this is what happens:

They grow almost a vine before coming above ground. These were taken after I potted these plants last year after receiving them.

Halfway up the rhizome allows it to have maximum sunlight to the rhizome, and be stable in the media.
my purp does that though and its not even buried...
Rhizomes if healthy enough will also grow to the right level given time. So even if your initial planting is a little deep or shallow, it's not a problem.