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When to unpot tubers?

How long into dormancy should I wait before unpotting tuberous Drosera tubers? I've read various numbers between 1-3 months. I received a couple plants last month and one started going dormant immediately (D. zigzagia, I hope it didn't just die on me.) I let the pot dry out slowly since then, but would like to move it to a taller pot.
I don't grow tuberous sundews, so take this with a grain of salt.

It seems to me that you should wait until the pot is bone dry. By then the sundews should be completely dormant and you can move them without disturbing them. Like I said though, I don't grow tuberous sundews.
Ensuring that the pot is well-dried and it's been a month or two since the plant died back fully is wise, because the concern is not so much disturbing the tuber but not messing with the last bits of live stalk that still extend above it as the plant resorbs nutrients into the tuber. Then, if you are repotting or separating tubers make sure that the eye of the tuber faces upward when planted again.
I have read that the important part is to wait until daughter tubers are fully-formed, since you can easily break the roots when unpotting and lose those smaller tubers if they aren't mature yet.
Should all the roots and stolons basically be gone by the time you unpot or will there still be some connection between the tubers? I did a quick poke into my D. zigzagia pot and found a couple tubers with some mostly dehydrated material connecting them. It seems like it should be safe to pull them all out by I want to make sure.
Once the connective material is dead, then they can be separated. If there is any green or any root-like, living tissue, leave them be for a couple more weeks to be safe.