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when does cephs start putting out new pitchers?

now i have 3 new flat leaves growing very well on my ceph, but there is no sign of new pitchers. i did read that cephs are very slow growing. but 3 fast growing new flat leaves and no new pitcher makes me wonder. also read that during spring they might get flat leaves.

when does ceph usually put out the pitchers?
Its normal. My ceph produce 'normal' leaves too. 7 in a row now.
April/may he will resume his pitchers production.

Hope this help!
Yep, the flat leaves are winter leaves. My 'Hummer's Giant' current has dozens of them, though strangely the "Big Boy" growing right next to it in the same conditions has mainly pitchers ???
This is normal; Cephalotus follow seasonal queues that trigger different growth cycles. Late winter = non-carnivorous foliage. A conspicuous increase in day length will trigger trap production, and if the plant is mature, flowers.
good to know. i have 3 flat leaves that are growing very fast. on the other hand my D. venusta looks just pitiful. i'm having much better luck with ceph. i might have to pick up few more in near future. i love them.
Cephalotus leaves are very useful for propagation.
i lost two pitchers, they were smaller ones that was there when they came. sort of withered away. but got new pitcher coming out now :) will post pix later.

oh, i fed the big pitcher 4 ants on the 1st. didn't completely killed the ants, but sort of squashed them, but still wiggling.