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What's wrong with this picture?

Drosera dichrosepala subsp enodes


The answer will come later today.:-D:-D
Other than the root not being fully seated some of the highlights are burned out?
Is that a root or a flower stalk!
If it is, the plant is a bit young to flower, but it does happen.

Although the focus & quality does seem a bit shoddy as was mentioned.

Growing media seems a bit slimey... a bit too much on the wet side perhaps,
or possibly it simply needs renewing...
however if the plants are doing well, that's all that matters...
especially if it is flowering!
Although some plants start flowering when they sense death approaching,
but I doubt that is the case here.

Otherwise, I can't really say what else is actually "wrong" with the picture.
But then, there doesn't seem to be anything "wrong" for that matter,
just possibly the surprise you may have with such a young plant flowering...
if indeed that it what it is.
What's wrong with this picture....

Out of focus, over saturation, inherent lack of Nepenthes in the frame. :-D
slimy grow media...also the quality is bad
it's a root. i've seen my pygmies do that from time to time....
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trying to find higher, drier ground, perhaps?
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I have recently received some gemmae. The envelope was left untouched for few days as I was away from the apartment when it arrived. Gemmae sprouted on the paper towel inside the envelope and developed similar "roots". I have planted all of them and some look exactly like what I see in the picture.

Oh yeah, your peat seems to be rather rich in nutrients = slime.
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Notanumber hit it on the head right out of the box. Root not fully seated. Actually I stated the question poorly. I knew the picture was crap - I meant what is wrong with the subject matter.

The root must have hit something in the media and grew over a 1/2" tall before the plant fell over. It is now growing upside down - that's what I saw as wrong.


Here is a shot of the 4" pot (still not the best of photos) the plant is on the right side - between the label and the boulder.


I am going to try to tweek it out and put it in another pot by itself.
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We all knew that.. was just razzin' on ya a bit because of the thread's title.
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This happens quite often especially on sandier mixes with fine grained sand. Pressing the gemmae into the media slightly when you sow them helps reduce this somewhat. I usually just take my fine tweezers, open a small pit and bury the root. The plant will sort things out in growth eventually even if it has some twists and turns at the bottom.
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Here is the errant plant out of the pot, it was just laying on top. The brown root was not visible to these 70 year old eyes until I tried to lift the plant up to settle it into a trench in another place in the pot. It had a few grains of sand attached and lifted right out. Since taking these pictures I have put it back into the same pot. Hope I didn't kill it.