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OK. I have some plants under a two, 150 watt bulb, halogen fixture, and some sarracenia under a 300 watt bulb halogen fixture. Is this good. I think I may start using flourecent lights. I'd probably use theese $5.00, 40 watt, 2200 lumen sunlight bulbs. I should probably use four for a variety of carnivorous plants right? Thanks a bunch
. Also, the halogen bulbs aren't specifically meant for plants. Should I be using specialized bulbs?
Halogen bulbs are not suitable for growing plants.
Metal halide and halogen lamps are something total different when my translation is correct. Metal halide lamps are discharge lamps which may produce a near sunlight spectral power distribution and should be suitable for plants (i.e. http://www.hereinspaziert.com/Sehlicht/Bild8.htm ). They are easy recognizable by their (heavy weight) additional electronics needed to run them. What do you have Demi?

The electricity to run those lights can be very, very expensive...
Oh, I see now. But, my plants seem to be doing pretty well under the light, as they are getting a nice coloration, and strong growth. What I have is like a shoplight thing, with two 150 watt, tubular, halogen bulbs. I can't remember the brand or anything at this time, but I know it's not the type you guys are talking about. I think Orchids limited sells the right type.
I am not aware of any tubular halogen bulb designed for plants (this of course doesn't mean that they don't exist). I looked at the lights that Orchids limited has and they are selling a fixture which uses the Phillips Sun Agro high pressure sodium bulb, which is very different than a halogen.

Are the plants getting any natural sun?
Are you sure their halogen? And not Fluorescent?