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What will be a popular Nep hybrid in 10yrs time? And any other genus?


My money's on vent 'red' x edwardsiana attempts will be made.

I hate vent red as much as the next snobby Nep-growin' guy, but I finally agree that it does lend itself well to making hybrids. Those resulting offspring end up readily acclimating to, and thriving in, various sorts of terrible conditions. So, make sure the redness of eddie shows through, hope the teeth also show up in the phenotype, and make it easy to grow. Offering 'select clones' with excellent redness, hip, and teeth. Considering the proliferation of edwardsiana (and those waiting in the laurels popping up) in the past year, I could see it happening if the flowering time for it is <10yrs.
In 10 years, who knows how many other species may have been discovered - and crossed.

Personally, I'd like to see villosa hybrids where some of those wickedly beautiful pitchers are crossed with hardier species or crosses like TM.
Another thing I'd like to see are backcrosses to try to enhance vigor while retaining a lot of the original species: aristo (thor x aristo)
And there's always new things to cross with Trusmadiensis. :)
Was just thinking about this n the morning but N. campunalata X edwardsiana would be a real stunner. . . also Spathulata X Edwardsiana because it would retain more teeth.
I also think N. tenuis X (hamata X truncata) would be very cool (which I am currently making with a Tenuis in the UK :D ).
I think lowii x hamata will become popular. It has already been created but the plants are still in seedling stage.
I'm just going with the first thing that came to mind: singalana x villosa.
Lol. I'll go with what will never go away. N. x Miranda.
This will be my fav and many others, PDA x TM:).
Here's a couple: N. robcantleyi x edwardsiana, and N. hamata x edwardsiana.
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truncata x rob crosses and rob backcrosses

thats my nirvana right there
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I say hamata x rajah :cool:
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I think sib crossed with villosa or edwardsiana would be awesome! I think that once people start flowering villosa and edwardsiana they will replace plants like lowii and TM in hybrids. :-O
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I dunno...prolly whatever Jeramiah Harris has brewing in his seed trays. :p
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merrilliana x rajah might be a neat one.

Scratch that; northiana x rajah would be even better.
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eddy x hamata x (eddy x hamata x eddy) :boogie:
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I dunno...prolly whatever Jeramiah Harris has brewing in his seed trays. :p
You might be right. Some of the plants he's working on are going to be worth a fortune (anyone seen his rajah x peltata? :D).
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I would really love to see N. ampullaria x N. aristolochioides