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What is that on my Nepenthes ?

I have this dark orange mold-like thing growing on the topsoil in my nepenthes terrarium. It's not doing any harm to the plant but I was just wondering what it was and if anybody had the same problem I do. Strangely, this orange thing was green at one point but that was before it receive copious amount of sunlight. Should I remove it and place fresh sphagnum moss on the top soil ?
This is really one of those situations where a picture really is worth a thousand words. Sounds like some sort of algae though. What kind of air circulation does your terrarium get?
Got a pic ? Sounds like a slime mold. Slime molds will grow extremely quickly in environments with high humidity and no air circulation. The fortunate thing though, is that I've rarely found them to be harmful to the plants. I've seen slime molds affect leaves that stay constantly wet and which are usually in direct contact with the glass of a terrarium but, they rarely spread to other areas of the plant. Pic sure would help here though.....
One day they're there, and one day they're gone. Slime molds are fascinating things.
Sorry for the delay :
Here is link :

It looks like a bunch of the little moss that grows all over my peat-based mixes, only this stuff got fried by strong light.