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What are these dews?

I recieved a few sundews earlier this year at the very generous price of free and they were all nicely labeled, but I have lost a few labels and question the accuracy of a few also. Seems like an oppertunity to play name that dew so here goes. Sorry for the pic quality..a cave man took them(me) LOL!

This came as D. communis var. breviscapa what ever that means.

I took one a little further away to try and get better quality but think I can call this a fail too. The plant in the middle I believe was marked as 'Tamlin' and that looks and seems right.

I had some soil mix problems when I initially planted these plants and relocated them to the smaller cups you see them in here for rehabilitation. So far they are doing much better and I am now acclimating them to open air from the "emergency death-cubes" I made to rehab the rootless plants. I will try and take better pics another day if a concensus can't be reached with these. Thanks again everybody for looking and weighing in!
It's unfortunate that it appears you clipped the flowerstalks on the first plant - breviscapa means short-stalk - which would be key to identifying the plant. Without clearer details of the stipules around the growth point, closeups of the scape and flower parts identification is just going to be guesswork. Seed is also a good means to identify species.

The second plants seems to be lacking the upright growing leaves (as in D. venusta) that is a signature of D. 'Tamlin'. Pictures of the flower and seed would help.
Yeah after thier near-death experience, they started to flower in my "death-cubes" and I clipped them all off to try and "relocate" their energies to root/leaf production. Also the scapes would have become deformed after hitting the dome top. Your response intrugues me though and am really interested in an ID and both of the plants ( in the photo of the three the two on the outside came in the same flask so I sepparated them the increase my odds of success.
I will try and update this thread periodically with better pics when available and also leave a scape on next time they flower. I must admit I am quite surprised about the 'Tamlin' or "not Tamlin" as sounds like may be the case. Thanks for the link!
I have been away from home for a week or two now but when I stopped in I saw new scapes forming on the dews in question. I will be home in a couple of days and take new pics including scapes and flowers if possible. I am pretty bad a pics and will be using a phone, but hope by playing around with background distances and colors that I can get some form of clarity.

the first one looks like D. capillaris to me. If you can, take a look at the seeds, that should clearly show if they are capillaris or not.


Thanks for the info Christian. I recieved them from a guy who knows his stuff pretty well though accidental misidentification can happen fairly easy. I know from experience as I have been lazy in keeping labels and now am paying the price for it. I have a spatulata that is very close in appearance to the first pic as well as some tokaiensis that looks like both. I told myself when I started this hobby that I wasn't going to be too concerned with names and was in it for just having some pretty little carnivores, but as I think with most people in the hobby, I want to look at a few of everything. That however is proving to be difficult without keeping good track of what I've got lol! I will try and show some control and let the plants in question flower and set seed for ID purposes and, if I can get ahold of a decent camera, I will try and get some macros of the stipules etc. Thanks to everyone who has weighed in on this ID dilema so far and to you taxonomy experts: please bear with me as I wait to provide better visuals and information