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What a sarracenia looks like when it is 'happy'

I have a catsbaei that I received from a giveaway last june(2012) and later this year after I decided it was too big for the planter; I gave it it's own large pot and it began to transform.

It went from making 3 or 4 pitchers to MAKING pitchers EVERYWHERE!!!

Sarracenia are fast growers anyway so I never really could tell when it reached optimal acclimation but I guess when they do they look like this! :)

I posted a thread discussing exactly the same thing here. Sarracenia are just so wonderful in their ability to adapt and grow with minimal care!
Sarracenia are great! I had a huge boost in my plants this year compared to last season since they acclimated. When my catesbaei for example made its first pitcher of the season it more than doubled in size. It was 16 inches tall with a 4 inch mouth. And was super colorful!