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Welwitschia mirabilis (Picture heavy)

Hello everyone!

So I recently the Welwitschia mirabilis I ordered came in, and it was very much in need of a transplant. But it's fairly well known that these plants detest being unpotted. But I made up the media, and did it today, and took some pictures for prosperity. I really hope this plant out lives me!

The plant as it arrived:

All of my ingredients and "tools"

Cheap pea-stone, washed

Mixing and taking pictures proved difficult, so this is just the final mix. Along with the pea-stone, there is a heavy helping of High Desert play sand, a couple hand-fulls of "Citrus, Palm, and Succulent" potting mix, and then a little bit of perlite I had laying around. The idea being- very fast draining.

My roommate volunteered to take over the photography

I tried hard to not disturb the roots (Time will tell how much damage I actually did)

Pack it down nicely!!


A little superthrive couldnt hurt, could it?

All watered in

Thanks for looking, any input or questions are welcome!!
Great score ! Don't see these very often ! Good luck with it !
It's been so long since I even though about those...do people still do the clay-chimney-liner thing?
It's been so long since I even though about those...do people still do the clay-chimney-liner thing?

They do, especially those married to the older schools of thought. Generally speaking, most of the articles I read say that such extremes are not necessary. The key, so they say, is the organic-depleted, super-fast-draining mix, and making sure it doesn't dry out (i.e. don't treat it like a cactus or succulent).
So, I thought I might update this, mostly because I'm proud of myself for keeping it alive, but also to show just how slowly it grows!!!

So it's been, what, nearly four months to the day since I got this plant and repotted it. It literally did *nothing* for about half that time, but has put on, oh, maybe a centimeter of growth?

You can see the rather dramatic color/quality change in the leaf, this marks the growth it has made under my care. Since moving, it now has to grow under lights. I'm suspecting that there will be yet another color change in the leaf. But as of now, I haven't seen any strong indicator of new growth (but it has only been about a month).

Thanks for looking!
Good job it looks great! Nice photos, You really got it to put on some colors.
It took some real digging to find a place that would sell and ship a decent-sized specimen to me. But to my surprise, it wasn't actually that expensive!
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They don't look like something that would produce pinecones...:/