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Weevil drinking from drop of water (pic)

Last weekend I sat down and built a flash diffuser using foamcore, white paper and white duct tape. I wanted something that would be super quick to set-up with the flash mounted directly onto the camera hotshoe (I am a big believer in the KISS principle). The working distance for my 35mm macro lens is only 3.5 cm when is focussed to maximum (1:1) magnification, so I needed a diffuser that would effectively light a subject at that distance.

The new diffuser is strong but extremely light, and fits snugly on the flash (and cost pennies to make). The photo below of a weevil taking a drink of water was the first picture I took using it. I’m very pleased with the result. Of course it helps that I was photographing such a pretty insect!

I don’t know if anyone would be interested, but I posted diagrams and instructions for making a similar diffuser on my blog.


P6170307 weevil re edit2 copyright ernie cooper 2013_filtered by ernie.cooper, on Flickr
wonderful results with the homemade diffuser. thanks for sharing :)
Amazing pic! I love the bokeh (did I get that right?) in the background.
I know that plants need regular watering, but does plant FOOD need regular watering? Apparently so! Nice shot!