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Water rooting Cephalotus leafs?

Has anyone here tried water rooting Cephalotus leafs? Some of us over on CPUK have tried with success. Basically, it involves placing a Cephalotus leaf pulling in a tub or zip lock bag containing deionised water, where it floats on the surface.
I tested 4 in water, 4 in soaked LFS and 4 stuck horizontally in the top of my Cephs pot. Soaked LFS rooted fastest 100%. Ones in the Ceph pot look good about 2 months later. The ones in the water, 1 rotted away within a few weeks, the other 3 have multiple roots.

For me, soaked LFS or putting them in my normal ceph pot work as good, if not better than water. Only one small trial but Ceph pullings strike pretty easily.
Only performed a small trial myself too - I got 100% strike rate in water.
I tried a pitcher in water. Rotted and did not root.
I used rain water though. Might have had better success
I've only tried leafs. They float on the top of the water, so maybe that helps avoid them rotting?
This pitcher was unopened. I snapped it off during a repot and thought I would give it a go. I haven't tried leaves yet, but it looks promising. Ro water I feel is better. Rain water gets slimy and sludgy.
Tried water and LGS. Water took about 2 months to send out a root and another month before sending up very small slow developing leaves. LFS took about 3 weeks for roots and by the end of 2 months had leaves 3/4" long
How hard or annoying is it to pot the newly rooted water cultured leaf? I stopped water rooting African Violets for just that reason, planting the leaf in the soil multiple times (in case of failure) was less time and easier than rooting them in water and planting them later.

I'm tried a few non conventional methods for Ceph leaf pulls and have ended up right back to 1 leaf per pot. It just seems the easiest and most efficient method that I've found.
Whenever anyone discusses rooting any plant in water I highly, highly recommend changing the water frequently--at least once a day and optimally twice a day. Roots need access to air and I have seen success rates drastically improve when cuttings were given access to fresh, oxygenated water. Most of the time the rotting occurs because the tissue suffocates and dies. I would even go so far as to suggest an aquarium bubbler be hooked up for a low-maintenance approach, but I personally have not tried this. Only takes an air pump, stone, tubing, and let's say a water bottle or 2-liter bottle. Only an idea in my head. Wish you the best though!
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I put 4 leaves in a zip lock bag with deionised water and left them for approximately 6 weeks or so, without changing the water, and they all rooted just fine. I usually use live Sphagnum moss for rooting Cephalotus, but I put one of the water rooted leaf cuttings in wood pulp as an experiment and it's doing fine:


More details here: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/135494-Water-Rooted-Cephalotus-in-Hydroculture
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Well done mobile, i will try this week-end.