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water plant giveaway


In a water feature on my patio there is lots of the larger duckweed, and I need to thin it a bit.
This plant is a reddish color on the bottom side and not quite as fast a grower as the smaller duckweed. I thought some of you out there might want a bit, and I would rather pass it on than throw it away. Also, if you wish, I can include a starter of U. gibba. Lately it has started flowering for me.


In this pic you can see elodea, starter available as well, and hornwort you can see in the background of the first pic.

If you would like a bit of any of these, shoot me an email to gnixon@satx.rr.com.

I hate the smaller duckweed.
I had a floating plant years ago that was a great size. I'd have to check my records of what it was. How large is the stuff you are offering? Is it possible to take a picture next to a nickle / quarter?
Sure, give me a couple of minutes...
Pm-ed, really generous giveaway, thank you very much!!

Relative size in a Bill Millers side container...

This might show the bottom color a little better.

And this one a bit closer on the leaves.

I probably should try to get rid of some of the snails, they are eating more than their fair share. Lately I seem to have several
new gambusia (mosquito fish) and would not be adverse to passing on a few...but is it possible to do so without having them
fry in the mail - and is it ethical, legal, etc.? Or simply too much trouble? I do not have access to pure 02 as a pet store might,
nor do I have easy access to styro containers.
That was quick Plants arrived today Thanx so much
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Plants arrived today, thanks again they look great!!