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Wanted: Drosera seeds and cuttings

vft guy in SJ

VFT and Drosera lover
Hi All,

I a recently in a position to stat rebuilding my plant collection.

I am looking for "generally tolerant" Drosera plants. D. filiformis, capensis and binata varieties (D. binata dichotoma is particularly of interest). As I do not currently have anything of trade value I am looking mainly for seeds and cuttings. If anyone has any of these to dispose of, I would be very happy to take them off your hands.

I'd be happy to send you sundew seeds.
I should have some d. Intermedia seeds out in the bog garden if you'd like.
I have binata seeds . Intermedia seeds and Capensis plants available. .
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I have a lot of plantlets of what I think are D. binata var. dichotoma. (The leaves have 4 terminal points when larger). They're really etiolated right now since I had them in the corner of my setup, but I'll get them under some new lamps this week. Once I get them colored up and producing nicer growth I can send some over.
Wow.. its been a couple weeks since I've had a chance to check on this thread... I appreciate the replies...

I am definitely interested in the plants offered. Please PM me and we can work out the details.

Thanks again,