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Wanted: Calceolaria AKA pocketbook flower

Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
I found some cuties on Google Images.

I am looking for Calceolaria darwinii, C. lanigera, C. uniflora, and any generic speckled. Cuttings preferred, but seeds are OK too. (the seeds are tinier than Utric. dust)

I can trade for a nice Sarr. division, or something else--that can be arranged as required. ;)
May be able to help you out. email me please
Your inbox is full, and I managed to loose your e-mail address. :headwall:

I'll get that e-mail sent, as soon as I find your addy. It's around somewhere....
Good luck with locating C. darwinii, I've been looking for that one "forever", it'll be worth it though once I finally locate it!

Plant care books say "thow out Calceolaria when they are done blooming, they will not bloom again" but this is untrue. I kept mine over the summer in the shade of my patio (so it didn't get too hot) and in fall moved it to full sun for part of the day and it bloomed again with more flowers than the first time.
Good to know. I've never heard of a plant that won't ever re-bloom. That goes against the nature of plants.
The particular chapter in The Houseplant Encyclopedia was actually called "Flowering Pot Plants" Starting out with: "The plants in this category are sold as seasonal and generally will not re bloom for the average houseplant owner, once they finish their bloom cycle they can all be disposed of." The chapter showed and described all those plants we see for sale & abused every big holiday or seasonal shift as well as some of the more obscure genera like Calceolaria.

But I didn't think moving it from the sunlit edge of the patio to against the shady brick wall so it stayed cool was all THAT hard to accomplish that anyone couldn't do it... LOL