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Want to go on a trip for a week... but what about my plants?

So we all know that CPs require some extra care over most other types of plants. I got invited to go on a trip around June, when I am having my birthday and taking a vacation from work. Problem is that my plants require a certain routine and a lot of space, so I can hardly take them with me like a normal pet.

Way I see it I only have a few options. The easiest is to have someone I trust look after them for me while I am away. Which is feasible, if I temporarily move some plants to a window location for easier maintaining. I refer here, to my two cephalotus, Drosera Regia and nepenthes. The rest is a matter of turning my cooler on and off and making sure water levels in trays and coolers are good. The mentioned plants require watering only every 2-3 days so I think that should work out okay.

Option 2. Is that I make that grow rack I've always wanted so that the room cooler i use is rendered obsolete by a programmed window AC unit. I want to make the top two shelves highland/intermediate and have that air trickle down the whole rack to keep the lower shelves fresh and hopefully around 78*. Kinda like how a refrigerator works. But there is so much about it I haven't figured out so that is unlikely.

Option 3. I take the cephalotus with me and leave the rest as is. That would give me peace of mind and make my setup easier to deal with.

Option 4. I find a professional plant sitter. Never heard of such a thing. Lol.

Ugh, anyone else had to deal with this?
During winter break I left for 2 weeks and one of my parents cared for the plants during that time. Everything came out fine, I dont think bringing the plants with you would be that effective.
Forgot to mention, we are going to be staying at a relatives house to avoid hotel costs while in New Braunsfels. So I would have a place to actually put the cephs cause they don't like to carried around like puppies too much. But I think it'll be okay, I'm just a bit panicked about it I think, lol.

My biggest worry is a cephalotus getting dropped while watering it. I have them elevated on Styrofoam cups in my tank so they have to be removed to be watered.
In my limited experience with cephalotus, they hate being moved at all... I think you should try to keep them from moving as much as possible.
1 week?

that's easy,
1. water well
2. turn off lights
3. turn off fans
4. don't worry

It's easier on them than being in a shipping box for a week.
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I agree with above. When I was just getting into CPs, there was certainly the occasion when I forgot to water a plant for somewhere around a week, probably even longer. And they all made it through just fine. Bottom line, a week isn't a super long time and I'd personally be pretty surprised to see any of your plants fail to make it, or even show signs of unhappiness for that matter.
I agree with Butch's advice, I do the same thing.

Since you're not going away until June, I would do a "practice run" before you go, where you can pretend you're away but you can still check out your plants to ensure they're not drying out too fast. This way when you go away you wont be worrying about your plants all week.
Drew, that is actually a very good idea. Never thought about that, I think I will do that next time I leave for a long time.
That's true, could just leave everything off... Or maybe it low light levels by raising my light. Shouldn't hurt anything either way. By practice run do you mean where I leave everything off for a week and see what happens?
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Yup pretend like you are going away. Whatever you decide to do when you actually leave, do the exact same thing but you can check on your plants every few days cause you will still be home. This way when a week is up you will know if your plants will be ok when you are actually gone. If they dry up before the week it will be ok cause you will be home to check on them and you can find a different solution before you leave.