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Hey all,
I have a couple grow cell trays full of small plants I need to get rid of to make room for more coming in. They include:
S. alata seed grown, showing signs of veining
D. intermedia Carolina form seed grown
D. spatulata typical
D. spatulata Frazer Island
P. primuliflora (1)
D. filiformis (1)
D. muscipula typical seed (3) for SASE or trade.
U. livida (1, recently potted)
D. capensis, typical (1)
P. grandiflora
I am looking to trade, mainly interested in small Nepenthes, any kind I don't have, sundews, and Sarracenia.
Also for trade or SASE: Seed packs of Yellow and Peach Columbines, and Indigo and Mixed Lupines.
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It shouldn't ahve been, there were only 10 messages, but it should be open again now.
List updated for availability. Ignore changes if you've already PM'd me.
You're the man, thanks again.
It shouldn't ahve been, there were only 10 messages, but it should be open again now.

Yours wasn't, gr8oz's is though. He messaged me and I can't message him back. I'm trying to get his attention. Sorry for the confusion.
Fixed! Thanks SD.
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List has been updated. THere were a few people interested in some of the plants put up, if you're interested still, I checked my numbers again and found a couple extra. I'll update later as I pot up plantlets as well.
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List has been updated, as i found a few plants hiding in the back of the tray. However I will be gone for about a week, so if interested, don't be surprised if I don't reply right away.
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List updated again, the prolifera is gone, and only one each of D. filiformis "Red" and P. primuliflora.
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interested in d. filliformis and s. alata seedlings. i have (possibly) a n. ventricosa available for trade, with just over an inch tall pitchers. also a medium to large s. judith hindle
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Newspaperfort, I'm afraid I already have a N. ventricosa (actually a number of them) and a Judith Hindle. If you have anything else, let me know.

List updated, with a few noncarnivorous seeds added for trade or SASE's.
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wish i had a Judith Hindle
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List updated. If you send an SASE, pm me to let me know.
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List updated! My P. grandiflora are waking up for the second time this year, still going strong, and I've got plety of plantlets to work with!