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Variagated Nepenthes maxima 'Lake Poso'

Looks like I have an interesting max out of all those seeds that were planted a year ago.




Pretty sweet. Don't see a whole lot of variegated Nepenthes out there.
Really nice. Be sure to keep us update with the progress of this plant.
So is this really that big a deal, might pay to learn how to tissue culture once it grows up? I know something odd took place early on with the growth tip suddenly becoming two several months ago. Look close at the lower growth and you can see some mutation taking place and the lower growth still maintaining the twisted, malformed leaves. Fits right in here at the cave with my now defunct website being called, "Spooky's Nightmare Mansion", my house with a name plate on the front porch awning that says "Hell House" and friends and classmates in grade school sticking me with the moniker of "Spooky". All of that spookyness caused by OCD, ADD and tourette syndrome will fuel the usual mass of picture documentation.
That's neat! Keep us updated on its growth.
It's a big deal in the Asian countries, for some reason. Apply for your export permits and you could auction that over there for top dolla!
So if I see an Asian guy prying my front door open he most likely just wants my little mutant huh? I learned that for me, turning a hobby into a business ruins it and I lose interest so I'll hang onto it. Maybe it only effects me that way because I get strange looks when I say that in person. I know I have given over 100 of the various seedlings away to family and friends trying to get them interested in the hobby. So far my oldest daughter, 6 year old grand daughter and her grandma are maintaining a small group. I've read stories about WWII P-51 Mustang drivers flying so low that farm produce would get scooped up into the intake underneath. Now all I have to do is save a mil', get me a P-51 and learn to fly and then go scoop up a couple of Nepenthes edwardsiana. :-O I wish people with the more desirable species would stop hoarding and make them more available. Of course they can't be blamed for cooperating with other owners to control the price by trickling a few out now and then. It would be easy enough to propagate hundreds of seeds or tissue culture and then three or four years later begin releasing small seedlings for sale on a regular basis. Don't the people living in the native habitat of the ed's know it's a gold mine just waiting to be tapped? Of course we all know what happens when someone finds gold on their property so maybe it's good that they aren't aware. It would be a hoot to sew some ed seeds and watch them develop over the Winter but not likely to ever happen.
Careful talking about people in the native habitat of the plants. Poaching is a huge problem for many of these species, and plant like eddies are in national parks anyways, it's illegal to collect there without proper permits.
On the note this thread was started for, that is a very interesting maxima. It's not green and white, but two different shades of green from what I can see, so that's a little more unusual. I'm still hoping I get something like this out of my many seedlings soon....I once had a variegated albomarginata seedling show up, but then he died for no reason.. cries....
Beautiful! I love variegated plants.