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Utricularia vulgaris giveaway!

This plant is taking over the fish tank so time to clear some out. i have enough for 4 people- first come, first served.

you pay shipping and you get a nice big chunk-o-bladderwort.
Hi, my name is Luca, I will take your edwardsiana please.
I'll take some.

LPU? ;)
You got me; I am in.

PM pending.
I'm in too, thanks! Let me know if you want some U. gibba. I have lots.
I'd like some if i'm the 4th please. Not sure with Heli's post, lol.
Let me know if you have any left for trade :)
I have been looking all over for this plant!

thats the large aquatic one isn't it? aww man! Been meaning to try them in my rainwater barrels as I hear they get big enough to eat mosquito larvae. :( great giveaway tho.