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Utrics and Genlisea seeds

Yep I just received some seeds I ordered from rarexoticseeds.com and was wondering what would be the best way to get them to germinate being there are three different catagories I will make three seperate posts, the seeds are as follows,
D. spatulata
P. lusitanica
G. aurea
U. alpina
U. dichotoma
U. juncea
Any help on how best to germinate the Utric's and the Genlisea would be most appriciated!!!
You pray.  Both genera (Genlisea and Utricularia) are famous for their stubborn unwillingness to germinate.  After performing a human sacrifice in the appropriate astrological configuration, I do a sprout dance...you paint yourself blue and hire a troop of drunk bagpipers...PM me for details we can't discuss here....  After this sow on typical mix kept with the water about .5 cm on top of the surface...very wet goop, see?  Double potting will let you keep the water level high...a pot with drain holes inside a pot without.  Place the whole kit and kaboodle in a plastic bag and tape the whole thing between your thighs/  WHAT...you find this inconvenient?  Then place the whole thing where it will be warm, but no direct sun, dim light is best - higher light encourages green death, that slimy horrible stuff that comes from too mineralized a mix.  I suggest you both rinse and sterilize the mix before sowing.  It will be too late after sowing to remedy anything of this nature, this seed is like dust and easily buried.  Rinse rinse rinse!  Check the pot weekly and prepare to be disappointed.   If you do find a reliable protocol for germintion post it here - bagpipers come expensive these days.