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Unidentified pepper soon to be cut open and seeds up for grabs depending...

Hi There,

At a recently created community garden in my townhome complex (year and a half ago), there are about six plots, about three foot by 20 foot. There are each shared by two people. I have one with a neighbor. It is doing well with several exotics. While working there yesterday afternoon, I found a largish beautiful red pepper that I cannot id. It has cool indentations (whatever the word is) and kinda curves in on itself a bit. Considering the age and grouping of most of the folks here
I doubt it is most anything more than a mild jalapeno. But I could be wrong. It is 3 inches by 1.5 inches at the widest point. I am growing some ghosts and the like but most others I am sure are not. In any case, here are some pics of the pepper. I plant to cut it open soon, try it out and keep the seeds. After drying out, if you might want to try a few let me know. Probably sase, I imagine. And if you think you know what it might be feel free to chime in.




Posts or email please gnixon@satx.rr.com The PN box fills up too fast.:)

Is it a hot peper cuz it slightly resembles a butch t scorpion mine are similar to that but not as shiny
I'll try some Paul all I have is ghost peppers.
I don't think it is a scorpion, at least not the red. I got one from a Thai place here and it curves more at the tip and is fatter and shorter. And just taking a sniff of it, it does not have that sharp smell the super hots have. In a day or so I will cut it up and try a piece. Will save whatever seeds are there.
Take a bite of it... you'll find out what it is. Looks hot to me so im out but love the mystery behind.. gl to the lucky recipients
I cut it open today, it has no heat whatsoever. I wonder if it might be a pimento or something similar? Thin walled, touched my tongue to the cut surface and nothing. Then I ate a piece - it was pretty mild. Would look good in a salad or maybe on a sandwich. In any case, you can see that there will be a fair bit of seeds, at least thirty I would think. Make that thirty five. And I had another piece closer to the stem end, that had some heat. Then a small bit of the placenta, that had a bit more heat and some sting. I am going to go with a mild to medium jalapeno. Seeds will be ready in about a week for those who want them. Ciao!
Looked like a smoking gun but with no bang......