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Unexpected finds or updates- MPX

Sept. 17, 2017
Around a month ago, I bought a combo from lowes with a dormant pitcher plant and a flytrap, which I have posted about previously. The flytrap rhizome was not growing, and actually started to rot, so I removed it. After a weekend trip to cedar point, I came back to find my plants doing pretty well, and that none died while I was away. I also noticed something COMPLETELY unexpected! A baby VFT! I must have left a sliver of material in the pot, which started to grow undetected. Well, here it is. It's less than a centimeter tall! Also, here's some pictures of my other plants and experiments. Enjoy!





That's the nice thing about plants. They rarely completely die and can come back from a lot.
That's the nice thing about plants. They rarely completely die and can come back from a lot.

Agreed. I was kind of worried about my spatulata for a while, but now it's hitting a growth spurt there's three more of them. That was due to not disposing of leaves I thought were dead. and almost 30 little capensis growing along. I'm growing some of the capensis seeds on a cotton pad, along with one spat and two transplanted capensis sprouts. I'll post about this later on in the process, but they seem to do well on the cotton.
status update

Sarr. flava
- is doing well, has opened a new pitcher today. Is about 5 inches tall and is the largest of 8 pitchers
Nep. Ventrata
- has been growing like a weed!~1 new leaf per week on each of the two plants that share the pot.
- it's original pitchers have died, but more are on the way.
- new leaves are glossy and dark green, measuring 10.5 inches long by ~2 inches wide
Drosera army
- 5 mini tokaiensis are growing fast. Due to feeding, some leaves died, but were quickly replaced.I believe I have resolved this issue by not overfeeding and removing any leftovers recently.
- the capensis family is doing variably well. Some have increased in size dramatically, while others have not. I have experimented with a new food type to reduce the risk of occasional rotting food problems. So far, so good.
- the main tokaiensis is doing very well! It is very dewy and has decided to create a flower stalk! :-D I hope it does not grow too tall though.
- main tokaiensis has been fed regularly and opens a new leaf on each sub plant frequently. I say sub plants because it decided to form 4 growth points during recovery.
Sounds like everything is progressing nicely. You ventrata especially is going at a good pace.
Here's some pictures. The tokaiensis is now putting up a flower stalk, and in the picture, you can see the little ones have turned a nice red color (featuring a capensis in way back) hGZyIjHl.jpg
The hairs on a sarracenia rubra trap.

Tiny trap! That's a dime for reference.

and the experimentals

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That's S. rubra ssp. rubra, not a flava.