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Ultimate urban playground

Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
An ad filmed in San Francisco. Kids, don't try this at home! :lol:

The really neat part is that I have driven down nearly every road shown in the video, parked along several, and my favorite yarn shop is down a side street shown. Hah! I kinda spent quite a lot of time in Sf over the past few years. :)

Enjoy the video!

Oh, bugger.

BRB..... Darned HTML.

OK, fixed. Sorta.
Awesome! My friend actually just happened to show me a few of these Ken Block videos the other day. Amazing driving skills.
Ford Fiesta?
Why would anyone want to make a sports car out of the lamest platform possible?
very odd..

Why not? Cheap if you total it, replacement parts are plentiful, and the kudos points abound for doing that with "just" a Fiesta. It looks pretty nimble.