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U. quelchii + U. humboldtii -- paddle combo (Salgadoxx8 $45)

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U. quelchii & U. humboldtii - while most people probably do not consider the two as really similar - I beg to differ. One of the things I enjoy about both of them is their paddle-shaped leaves (or photosynthetic stolons for those who prefer that route). You're probably thinking - "no - they aren't similar at all". Take a look at two pics I just snapped a few minutes ago...

While you may be able to differentiate, I doubt that you can deny a similarity ... :poke: (btw - the humbo is on the right)

Either way - in this auction are pieces of:

U. humboldtii - growing feral in the live LFS in the bottom of one of my basement tanks - I'll snag a piece (no pics - sorry)

U. quelchii - a small piece from an earlier root propagation

- Bidding starts @ $2.
- Buyer pays shipping - which is estimated to be ~$6 (this is a guess ???). If you win more than one of my auctions, I will combine shipping to reduce costs.
- USA only.
- Please plan to pay within 24 hours of auction close.
- For questions or suggestions, I can be reached @
Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
Thanks to a quick payment by the winner & an equally speedy notification by Presto, I was able to get these goodies into the mail.

Shipped this morning via USPS Priority. Tracking info should be in recipient's email (from USPS website).
Shipment has been paid and plants have arrived today in excellent condition! Thanks Ron!
Thanks for the notification! With that I will close this thread. If there are any further issues to address, let me know and I can reopen it. Cheers!
Not open for further replies.