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u. parthenopipes

Hi everyone!

I'm really sorry if there's a thread about this already, but I tried doing a search and couldn't find anything regarding whether u. parthenopipes is an annual or not. I was wondering if anyone here might know? I tried doing a google search and Wikipedia says it is, but I'm not sure I always trust information from that site. So if anyone knows, enlighten me!

Thanks! :)
It's an annual.
Thanks jeff. Does anyone know if it's easy to propagate from seed, or how long it will live in cultivation?
Since I don't own this plant, it's hard for me to comment on how it grows.

I have heard that generally, using seed to start utrics is pretty difficult - as mentioned in this link: http://www.islandnet.com/~tmalcolm/cultivation.html.

I believe this species is very easy, and possibly can sprout from seed. But maybe not.

I've started other easy species from seed like U. arenaria. My advice to you would be to use a plain white, wet paper towel, and keep it as warm as you can (under 90F).

I'm also getting some Pleiochasia section utric seeds in a couple days (like U. leptoplectra, U. arnhemica, U. georgei), and they are supposed to be very difficult to sprout.

Good luck w/ your seeds!
Well, I was thinking of buying it, just I wanted to know, once it dies, would I be able to collect its seeds. :) I've only had experience with u. nephrophylla seeds, and they're doing well for me so far... Pretty good germination rate.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
I may be wrong, but this species never behaved as an annual in my cultivation. I grew this several years ago from a plug, and remember carrying it over a few seasons, in turn sending out plugs. For any true annuals I have grown, this was not possible. If you are considering shelling out any sort of coin for this plant, be sure you are getting the true species and not the closely related U. blanchetti.