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U. nelumbifolia give away


Staff member
Hello all,

In an attempt to pay back several recent kind gifts from fellow members, I have two new starts of U. nelumbifolia available as giveaways.

I'd prefer someone who does not currently have this plant in their collection. My only stipulation is that you have a giveaway of this awesome plant sometime in the future!

Please respond below if interested, I will post here when both are spoken for. First come, first serve!

Hi! I'd be very interested, and I've grown a few highland neps and longifolia in the past, but I think temps might be too hot where i'm at. It's right now 78/68 day/night here (can probably get it down several more degrees with fans/humidifier), so I'm rather worried about it.
If you feel that I don't have the right environment/experience/etc to grow it please send to the next person down, and thanks for your generosity to the community!
w03, that sounds close to my current growing conditions. It seems to be pretty adaptable to anything I throw at it as long as it stays damp, so you're in. PM me your address. One still up for grabs!

1. w03
I'm growing U. calycifida, nephrophylla, and humboldtii very well. I can imagine this awesome little plant would do well in my terrarium.
#2 goes to Wire Man. PM me your address and we'll be all set!

Hope to have more for others sometime soon!

What a generous giveaway of a rare species!