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u. macrorhiza turion

hey everybody, i just ordered a u. macrorhiza and cant really find much detailed info about this one. im thinking of putting it in my el natural aquarium or if i find out thats not suitable i have a mini pond out back. any thoughts or suggestions would be a great help!
It's aquatic, so you could probably just put it in a bowl of distilled/RO water. I'm not really sure of how this plant is.
Hey, you're from Oregon!!!!! I go to Albany every weekend!

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I own this plant too, I just haven't had time to put it on my growlist. I use pond water... You might want to hold off on putting it in its permanent growing area until it stops being cold/warm weather that we're experiencing.

I use a trash can, one of the white plastic ones. It is full of pond water with some dirt at the bottom. The dirt is peat/sand/clay/dead leaves/LFS/regular soil.

Maybe we could meet sometime.
ok. what sort of light does it need? or what works for you? i just got it in the mail right after i posted that. i took some water from my fish tank and put it in a bowl. now its sitting with my other plants in the window w direct sun on it. did you get yours from cooks nursery? i did. its waaay smaller than i thought it would be :( i was quite surprised since i read in my savage garden book that its the size of a walnut

p.s. hey jeff! nice to meet you. i looked at your growlist! thats ALOT of plants! i just repotted my plants. just a few pitcher plants and vft. i got 12 vft bulbs about four years ago and now i have almost 80!
I keep my aquatic utrics outside... so lots of light. There's almost no way the larger species will do well indoors.

No, I mine showed up mysteriously my back yard... lol. With location data... I got it from a guy.

Yeah, usually nurseries skimp on size of plants they send out.

You should make a growlist. I'd like to see what you have. We should chat; here's my email:
6wongsljp @ gmail dot com.
cool. i just found a big 40 gallon storage tub laying around that was already half full of rainwater! i put a handful of peat moss in and some gunk from the pond to start growing little critters. seems to be mainly cyclops from past observations. so far the plant doing fine in the window. im pretty sure its grown a bit. i should post a picture....
It's nice to see you posted a growlist. You should put your tub outside when it begins to warm up; I'd say around the end of April.

Rainwater is good. Pond water is better.
oh, the tub is outside! i just meant the bowl with the plant is in my window...

so ill fill the tub up the rest of the way with some pond water.
This is my favorite aquatic Utricularia and one of the few native to my area. I looked for years for aquatic Utricularia in every pond I could find, only to finally discover it a quarter of a mile from my house in a drainage ditch, lol. In habitat, the plant is found sheathed in algae and growing in full sun. I believe the algae relationship was essential preventing sunburn au naturale. My first attempt growing indoors failed,,,not enough good light to support growth. My second attempt outside in a clear tank also failed; with no algae the plant sunburned and died. Third time was the charm when I used a white plastic dishpan with a layer of white plastic garbage bag on the surface. Winter lows here reach -20F and the dishpan would freeze solid, but in the spring the plant returned from turions and thrived. The flowers are magnificient, nearly as large as some of the "megautrics", and the algae I mentioned departed so the beauty of the plant could be fully appreciated. Experiments lead my to conclude this plant requires a winter dormancy, and is not a houseplant. Divisions grow quickly, and subsequent seasons found it in nearly every Sarracenia water tub, filling all the spaces around the pots by seasons end even in those dim conditions.