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Edit: Trade Closed

Hey Everyone:

I have a small portion of U. 'Jitka' for trade. As many of you know, this is a fairly rare cultivar and an interesting cross between U. quelchii (female) and U. praetermissa (male).

I'm looking for plants on my want list (and not on my growlist) - http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/135699-NatchGreyes-Growlist-Wantlist - or anything you think might be interesting. I can hold shipment until spring, but I do have heat packs.

Please PM me with offers.
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bowing out....
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Already getting rid of the x'Jitka' ? That was fast....
Cthulhu138, no, just dividing. I repotted it into a larger pot and realized it had a secondary growth. Divide and trade, eh?
Besides, I'm very excited to see its flowers for myself. One day, I'll have a whole collection of tropical Utrics - 'Jitka', 'Asenthe Waite', whatever I get next. Hopefully, I get some pictures of the 'Asenthe Waite''s flowers soon...the scape is growing.
Haha, did you get 'Asenath Waite' from me too ? That one's a super fast grower.
Yeah I got most of my utrics from Johnny and the Asenath Waite is a SUPER fast grower. It went from a tiny division to a flowering adult specimen in a few months. One thing I've noticed about that one is that it like a lot less light than my other utrics. It now sits in a windowsill and gets about an hour of indirect afternoon sun, and is loving it. I thought I lost the Jitka, but it's coming back from one tiny stolon.
I think I did, Johnny. I agree with EtW, it's super fast. I have a mature one about the flower, and a couple other mature portions, as well as several tiny divisions.

I have it in high light, the flowering one at least, and it has colored up purple really quite nicely.