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U humboldtii

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I have that! when it got transplanted all it's kidney leaves went away, it made some like those of U. bisquamata and then went back to making kidney leaves. Interesting.
The tricolor was originally from natch greyes.

Wait, the tricolor's kidney leaves went away and it produced bisquamata type leaves? That's odd, I haven't had that happen, yet. You might have some cross contamination in there (I'm guessing with bisquamata, though I'm not sure how) if you're getting something other than kidney shaped leaves. Keep a watch on it and let me know if that's the case so I can reassess my potting situation to better segregate the plants.
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well I'm guessing there's tricolor and bisquamata in there! I have some kidney leaves though so that means it's recovering from shipping.
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Are you growing all your Utricularia in the same container? I don't understand how you could have so many species in one pot otherwise.
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A lot of my pots are infested with U. bisquamata. They also get infested with U. sandersonii (an even worse infestation lol)
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Repotted the humboldtii. It was all torn up little chunks of humboldtii root everywhere. Anybody got extra humboldtii for trade? lol