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Typical and Vigorous Cephs for Trade

Update, all cephs have been traded! Thanks for all the interest and fantastic trade offers :D

Mods can close this up.

Greetings all!

I have a few extra Cephs for trade to thin the herd a bit. My outdoor CPs took a major hit after this brutal winter so I'm looking for Sarracenia, Dionaea, temperamental Drosera, and possibly Heliamphora. Let me know what extras you have for trade :)

3 pots on the left are Typicals I cherry picked from the legendary John Hummer himself (2 left most are leaf pullings), and the far right is a leaf pulling of a Vigorous I obtained directly from the late Dennis Hastings. 2 larger pots are 3.5" square pots while smaller pots are 2.5" for reference. The crappy cell phone pics really don't do them justice, they have fantastic pinks and dark purples that look really faded :( let me know if you'd like an attempt at better photos.

Thanks for looking!

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A PM awaits you! ...from me .
Awesome looking plants..can you tell me the growing conditions? Lighting ,temperature etc?