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Two more unidentified pings


These are from a ping I have that had plantlets, and the connection dried up, but the leaves are ok, and I think will root quickly when planted. There is a pic of one, but there are two. One rosette about the size of a quarter, the other a dollar coin, say. Condition is not perfect, but not bad, and the sooner shipped out, the better. If you want one, post here and email me, your choice I guess the first up will want the larger one.:) And for shipping, $4 PP for regular post, $6 for Priority, again your choice. First two to post get them, and email me after that with your address, and TF name. Email and PP to gnixon@satx.rr.com.
I would like to mail out on Monday, so let me know soon. If you are quick enough, perhaps I will mail out Fri. or Sat.

First come, first served. First two, that is.

The mother plant is in the corner, not the one with the flower.



Don't know species, it came to me as unknown. But it is a largeish plant.