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Tuberous Drosera Heat Stratification

I am hoping to sow some D. auriculata and D. menziesii ssp. menziesii and was wondering what the best protocol was. I understand they need heat stratification, but is it a dry or wet stratification? How moist is too moist, and how long does it take for them to pop up? Cover or leave open to the elements?

Thanks a bunch!
From what I've read online, auriculata doesn't need stratification; just sow them normally in September.
Neither of those species need stratification. Just store them on a shelf or in a drawer (do not refrigerate them) until fall then sow and grow.
Awesome, thanks guys! So the appropriate average temp for sowing in fall is, say, 80F days? Or is that still too hot? I am planning on sowing outdoors and in a greenhouse.
80 should be fine but don't let them get too much warmer than that.
The tuberous drosera I have germinated and without any care (GA3, smoke, fire, ect) are Hookerii, auriculata, yilgarensis, pelata (about 6 localities) lunata, I think there is another?

However smoke treatment increased germination rates for all but Lunata and seems to make stronger seedlings, to smoke my plants I collect eucalyptus leaves and put them in a ceramic dish, I then light them up and let about half burn, I then throw the pot with the seeds and the ceramic dish in a 52L storage container, the smoke suffocates the fire within a minute so the container doesn't burn.
I then leave this for 4-5hours (also the soil is moist at this stage), I then move them to an area with morning sun (2-4hours) and bright light (rest of the day), and use a 5cm water tray on a 15cm tall pot, I also mist the seed immediately after removing from the smoke box as it is a chemical in the smoke they like.

once they germinate the water table is dropped to 2-3cm, once they are 1cm in diameter they are slowly moved to more sun.

I am in a tropical climate and must start this just before winter so the plants have all winter to grow, then they are moved to a cool, shady part of the polyhouse and left in a 1cm tray that dry's and is refilled.

Except for 2 peltata variants and the lunata which I grow year round, very happily, they both flower all year, make plenty of tubers and are not fazed by temps in the 40's (C, about 95-100F), lunata also does best in pots that are flooded by 1-2mm in winter and in 15cm tall pots with a 5cm tray in summer.

Fresh tuberous seed (less than 3months) germinates in 1-2months for me, but I have had old seed (over a year) and it didn't germinate until summer (over 6months) and then died from the heat.