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trying my new camera Heliamphora


the recent tornadoes and heavy rainfall (12 inches in less than 12 hours) reminded me its time to try my new camera before a disaster takes my plants away. Anyway here are some pictures of different exappendiculata clones, ciliata, chimantensis, neblinae, and ceracea. (Check out the hairy back on the Amuri exappendiculata.) I've never been a big user of flash but these are not too bad: https://www.flickr.com/photos/51764444@N03/sets/72157644500989772/

On this topic, if anybody has pictures of adult exappendiculata from Chimanta, I'd love to see them.
Pretty nice pictures! Well done Thx for the link
Looking good

Nice pics, what kind of camera did you get?
Thanks guys. I couldn't resist the nikon d3200 when they had it on black friday special. I'm not much of a photographer so it easily surpasses my aims and ability. At some point I hope I can find a deal on a well maintained manual focus 105 mm micro-nikkor, I think that's as fancy as I'll get with this camera.
Mike you should take more pics of your growing set up!! I'm dying to see how you grow your amazing plants :)