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trans Liberia orchestra

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I never knew this band was a screaming 80's hair band.
They had more hair in feet thanany band I've sees . great concert greensburg nc just now finished
Trans siberian orchestra duh
They aren't playing Baltimore this year :cry:
Trans Siberian Orchestra is actually the 80s metal band Savatage, they still put out a new album every so often but they found a real dollar bill machine with the Christmas music thing. :lol:

I've never been a big fan of Savatage (The Dungeons are Calling and Sirens are OK early LPs) but I really like TSOs album "Beethoven's Last Night" which is a rock opera about Beethoven & the devil arguing over it's his time to go. They made it into a stage performance but I've not yet been to see it. I would like to someday.