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It is getting a bit over grown in my greenhouse. I want to give new grower a chance to get more plants, let start a chain of give away. Here are the rules:
1. If you post that you take a plant, you need to have plant/cutting of equal value to give back for the next person. For example, if I offer a lowii x campanulata, I don't want the person who post to get the plant offer to the community a D. capensis. I feel that is unfair for other participants.
2. Shipping is pay by the person who get the plant, unless stated by the giver that he/she pays for shipping.
3. You must post right after the person who offer the plant to claim the plant(s).

Any way, to start off I am going to offer an 18" long unrooted cutting of N. ventricosa "Red Ruffle." Pic can be seen on Tony's website. It is a female. Shipping will be $6.

I have a bunch of rooted and pretty established ventratas to get rid of. The problem is, no one who needs a ventrata has anything I'm looking for. So this could work out nicely. Maybe I'll send out two ventratas (to two separate people) for any plant I'm given on my want list. :)
Ok. Carbonetc. You got the cutting, but I am not sure anyone want your offer. I guess new people to nepenthes want the rare and expensive one.???

To keep this chain going, I will offer more plants. Next is a 6" with a basal N. spathulata x bongso or N. "Melvino." $6 for shipping.

I'll take spath x bongso and offer a copelandii cutting. May or may not be rooted yet. Shipping will be $6
I didn't want the first cutting. I should have been clearer. I said if there was anything on my want list I'd be happy to pass some ventratas along to beginners in exchange. If this is a true chain I guess that doesn't work -- this offer would branch it.

Copelandii is on my want list, so I'd be happy to take that cutting. I can offer a cutting of ventricosa x gymnamphora that you can find on a certain Hawaiian website. Shipping $6.
OK to fix up the chain. Up for offer ATM is Jeff's red ruffle ( a nice plant. I have his clone!), and copelandii from me. I have faith we can keep this straight. :)
I edited my post just as you posted, JB_OrchidGuy. I should have just made a new post. I have an offer for the copelandii.
Just saw that carb.
I'll let Jeff decide if the red ruffle is still in it or not. ATM carb's vent x gymnamphora is next in chain. Love to see pics Carb. Photofinders pics have some flaired and some not.

Next in the chain is CARB's vent x gymnamphora for $6 shipping.
The ventricosa x gymnamphora is this exact clone, I believe:

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Very nice plant, Carb. My ventricosa is still avail. We can kick it u a notch and offer both the vent x gynomphora and the vent red ruffle together. I will pay for the vent cutting to whoever wants the vent x gymnomphora.
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Whoever wants the vent x gymn gets the red ruffle too and only pays shipping to Carb. Jeff will catch the red ruffle shipping.

But you have to offer a plant to continue the chain. And nothing like ventrata.
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i will take both plants and in return i will offer .....a large cutting of my Spec. Giant x Ventricosa large enough for multiple cuttings
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Awesome Ryan!!! Great plant!!! This is fun!
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Is this exclusively for Nepenthes? This chain is an awesome idea :)
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i have a couple trades going as of now and if i cojuld have u guys pm me ill give address and would like to mail the cutting monday as im going to be taking others and want to do it all at once

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Sun drew I don't think it is, but deginstely not like a weedy dew or something. Needs to be equal to the plant your getting round abouts. Like you wouldn't offer a capensis for the nepenthes. Is why they asked no ventrata and red leopard Type NEP. But if you wanted to offer regea or orchiod utric I'm sure you won't get complaints.

Correct be if I'm wrong Jeff.
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U can offer anything u want. Fruit tree is fine too.
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neat ideal, ill hit it up later