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Titan growth


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I have had this Titan for about a month now. All of the original leaves died and now the regrowth is coming up but the leafs dont seem to want to fully open. It has been looking like this for weeks now. Is there something I am doing wrong?


Yeah, your media is all wrong. I keep mine in just APS but you could try peat/sand/perlite mix light on the peat, heavy on the sand. Also get rid of that lfs.
The spag is just a topping. Underneath its peat,sand, perlite.
It's a topping you don't need. X'Titan' is a Mexican Pinguicula hybrid and you're keeping it like a North American warm temperate. They don't like a lot of peat in their mixes, like I said mine are in nothing but APS.
Just thought I would also comment that there is no need to mist the plant like it appears has been done. More light wouldn't hurt either.

And as mentioned above... a different mix would be better as well.
I will remove the spag and lessen the misting. So equal part sand,peat, and perlite should be changed? I don't have aps. What mix would you suggest.

Thanks for the comments.
I would go somewhere in the range of 20% peat and the rest perlite or perlite and sand. APS is nice stuff and is what I use with perlite. Home Depot sells it.
As above suggested you should replace your mix get rid of the topping as soon as you can. Mexican Pings grow mostly on rocks in its native environment. You will end up with root rot and brown heart if you will keep growing it like this.
If you can't find APS, check around for turface. Same stuff, much, much cheaper. It's technically an infield conditioner, you can check it out here (you do want the MVP stuff, they sell others) and find distributors here. Like Drew said, it's good stuff, I'd try to find some if you can. It's like $6 for a 50lb bag. Some (myself included) like to use an all-mineral mix, meaning no organic matter like peat or LFS. I use turface, sand, lava rock, and perlite; but that's probably elaborate for P. 'Titan' - they're not particularly picky. Using just what you've already got, I'd second Drew's recommendation for a mix.

Also, don't just lessen the misting; eliminate it. Pings don't appreciate it and you'll likely just spray off any food it might have caught.
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Thank you all.
I made the mix is mostly perlite and sand. Less than a 3rd peat.

I have been looking for turface for some time now. Thanks for the link.....got some calls to make Monday.
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Way way way too wet.
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