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Tillandsia Giveaway


BS Bulldozer
Hi! I'm giving away a nice sized Tillandsia cyanea, pupped it off last year. I'd be amazed if it doesn't bloom next spring. And I'm throwing in a small pup of a bromeliad, a Cryptanthus Earth Star, I believe the name is Pink Starlite, but no guarantee on that. I have a bunch of these under lights, and at least with artificial lighting the more light you give it the pinker it gets. This is a pay it forward from Whimgrinder's Sarr seedling giveaway. There is no shipping charge on this, the only catch is that you need to have something to offer up for free yourself to keep it going. Thanks for looking!
I'm interested. I have some nepenthes Miranda and ventricosa rooted cutting ready in a couple weeks. does that count?

Sure, it works. Pm me your info.