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this is not a prank....

I may regret this, but I could actually use some D capensis if anybody wants to part with them. Any sundews really (except binatas).

I'm rebuilding my collection and only have one small pot of alba capensis. I know-wait a couple months and that'll turn into 183,000 but I'd rather have a different species as well. I'm overwintering some of my chili peppers this year and fungus gnats snuck in with them. That one sundew is coated with them, but I'd like some more sticky plants to help control them.

I can pay shipping for the $4.95 priority mail box.
I'll send you one of my broad leaf capes. It's been growing kinda small since the weather changed but some good lighting will kick it back into full growth
I have some seeds I could send you of the giant form. PM me and let me know
I've got literally hundreds of them. All narrow/ alba form. And a LOT of those are flowering size. Let me know if you're still interested!