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This heliamphora was sold to me as.....

Hi everyone,

This heliamphora was sold to me as an heliamphora ionasii tagged grand sabana

The plant is hairy like Ionasii and turns red all the way through under my lighting

But for some reason still on the fence about it.

Any thoughts would be awesome!


<a href="http://s812.photobucket.com/user/askdrewmcclain/media/imagejpg1_zps5162c339.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i812.photobucket.com/albums/zz48/askdrewmcclain/imagejpg1_zps5162c339.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo imagejpg1_zps5162c339.jpg"/></a>
I'm not 100% sure but, I don't think that H.ionasi grows in Gran Sabana. Not to mention that plant does not look like pure H.ionasi with the H.heterodoxa-esque nectar spoon. Maybe a hybrid between H.ionasi and H.heterodoxa from Gran Sabana ? I'm sure Butch and/or Mike W. can jump in on this and shed some light.
Cthulhu 138 that's what I said because I'm more than sure it doesn't grow in the grand sabana.
Thank you for your input I'm feeling like it's more likely to be a cross with heterodoxa and ionasii the only thing that gets me is that it's more hairy then my other crosses with Ionasii and heterodoxa
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It seems to lack the strongly infundibular pitcher opening which should be broad and flared in shape.
The hairs also do not seem coarse enough...

The nectar spoon is very reminiscent of H. heterodoxa...

Ionasii example:

(image from cpphotofinder.com)
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Sometimes with Heliamphora it is easier to say what it isn't....
But, fwiw.... Likely H. heterodoxa hybrid of some flavor, but I can also see strong similarities to my H. tatei var. neblinae x hispida (Wistuba)
Half of the species have easily recognizable traits.... then there is the other half where its more shades of gray than black and white.

my call would be "unidentified hybrid"

edit: Just for reference, H. tatei var. neblinae x hispida (Wistuba) is one of only two species I've had in my possession that have blonde to orange pitcher hairs, (very obvious and unique color)
The other being my H. nutans (Kukenam Tepui) (Wistuba)

not the best pic, but.... it sort of shows the unique hair color in the lower half of the pitcher:

(one of my fav helis btw, very beautiful coloration and when I have fed it aggressively it has had pitcher spoons I could stick my thumb in)
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Thank you so much for your input butch I really appreciate it man.
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