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The Hazed H.L Terrarium

hello er'one havent posted in a while so i figured i post my hl terrarium up.








my robi QoHxKoC and the fusca to the right

hope you enjoyed the pics. will have more up soon.
cool terrarium :) love it.
Beautiful plants HS!
thanks as you can tell ive been very busy. lol i also made a lowland chamber and later today i will be posting pics of the construction to the finale!
Tek 5 4 bulb fixture with 4 6500. Im contemplating on wether or not to take 2 bulbs out
Love this terrarium, great job and the set-up is excellent!! How much did the terrarium cost you and lights and anything extra for the terrarium?

Where did you get the bulbs? 6500 is a lot of lumens, I would think with 2 is fine but I am not expert in the lightning area(any ideas on what is recommended for neps?). What is the distance between the lights and the plants?
the 55 and stand was free for helping someone clean out a basement and the light fixture was free. thanks to a very generous member on another forum. The egg crate was left over from another terrarium project i did a while back. They only thing i had to buy was an ultra sonice fogger and the temp/humidity reader.. well and the plants... I bought the bulbs at a local grow shop. the distance between the plants and bottom of the lights varies between 9 to 12 inches depending on the size of the plant. i thin the gothica is around 8 inches to the light while my fusca is about 13 inches lol.

Im currently working on a project with 2 more 55 i recieved and combined them into 1 110 gallon aquarium for a larger hl tank.
i have a tek 2 on my highlanders. It's totally adequate, though color could be better. Still, it's really efficient, so that's a plus.
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Yeh I actually received 2 teks and I love them compared to the sun grow fixtures they are small compact and don't seem to heat up as bad. Plus they are alot lighter and they provide o hooks that you can screw right into the fixture which make hanging so much eaier.
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I wasn't sure because the leaves on the robi are turning red and I figured that they were just getting sunburnd but I left the lights in and it seems the leaves are just turning red but no further steps toward sun damage are occuring so I plan on leaving them in. I currently have extremes of 83 to 85 daytime to 55 to 52 at night. Even the typical hls seem to be doing good.
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The N. robcantleyi x maxima? Hmm yeah some of those have reddish leaves and others are green, even out in my greenhouse sitting next to each other with exactly the same conditions. Perhaps some variability from the N. maxima. More likely it's from the cooler night temperatures than light intensity. It is very difficult to overlight using fluorescent tubes, even the HO type you are using. The reason I ask is the green color on the N. muluensis x lowii. Normally these plants would be very purple out in the greenhouse so odds are your light if anything is underpowered.
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I actually just received the lowii hybrid the day before I took this pic. Im sure in time it will color up. I know my newest fusca leaf is dark green with a reddish outline. Look pretty neat in contract with the tiny lime green pitcher its pushing out