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The greenhouse is up!!! :D

Just finished the 6X8 HF greenhouse today! Rightside is reserved just for my carnivorous plants and the left is mostly orchids and tropicals! I bumped up the height of the greenhouse by making it's base out of 12" boards and dug it into the ground about a foot as well. Laid out some insulation on the ground before putting the pavers down. Covered every polycarbonate panel with UV resistant plastic to extend their life. Bubble wrapped the inside and put a reflective insulation on the left side to retain heat and capture the winter sun. The benches are made completely out of 5 gallon buckets from Lowes filled full with water to retain the suns heat in the day and slowly release it in the night and cut heating costs. This also helps in keeping daytime temperatures more constant during the hottest part of the days.






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Looks great!