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Lots of Drosera varieties

Hi Folks,

I'm looking to add the following plants to my Drosera collection - slackii, madagascariensis, capensis 'Red', capensis 'Bainskloof', capensis x spatulata, nidiformis. I would be happy to receive seeds, or a plant.

I have the following seeds available to trade - D. burmannii (a pretty all-green form), D. sessilifolia, D. dielsiana, D. aliciae, D. capensis 'Giant', D. venusta var. coccicaulis.

Thanks to all who read this and consider trading :). Please don't hesitate to post questions/offers or to send them via private message.

UPDATE as of 9/12/2015 - Still looking for slackii, and capensis "Bainskloof" the rest are now covered.
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I (will have) Drosera nidiformis seeds available soon!
I have some D. capensis x spatulata as well as D. capensis "Red". Went ahead and PM'ed you Radagast.
I have madagascariensis seed and 'Red'.