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TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

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happy two years mark. welcome to the third decade on TF
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Thanks, amigo! You underline that I need to bring the information back up to date. Things have been happening among the planners that, I'm told, will soon be ready to announce.
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I have received word that we are to have a meet-up at the Moon and Sixpence next Saturday, Nov. 14 at 3:00 PM. Bring a mask and maybe some plants to trade, give away or show off. If you like real English pub food bring your appetite as well because the M. and S. has that in spades. Sorry this comes so late but I hope word gets out in time to all who are interested.
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I hope people interested in this information are subscribed to this thread so they get an email when a post is made and they don't miss it!
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There is to be a December get-together on the second Saturday of December - Dec. 11 at the Moon and Sixpence pub beginning at 3:00 PM, barring any changes. If there are any I'll get them up here. You might want to have a look at this thread before you leave. You will need to bring a copy of your Covid immunization card to be admitted to the pub. 'Hope to see you there!
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Sorry that I haven't been keeping up for any of you who keep an eye on this sub-forum. Anyway - we are to have a March meeting at the Moon and Sixpence at 3:00 this Saturday, March12. 'Hope to see you there!
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'Just want to point out that our next meeting will be on April, 9 at 3:00 PM, at the regular place (the Moon and Sixpence Pub). We have a nice outdoor area that is covered from any rain and even has heaters - 'makes it safer from any Covid concerns. 'Doesn't hurt that the temps have been getting warmer and spring seems to be here. 'Hope you can make it.
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Announcing our May meeting will be Sat., May 14 at the Moon and Sixpence pub in Portland, OR at 3:00 PM - until people finally decide to go home. 'Hope you can make it!
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This Saturday, June 11, will be our monthly meeting. Same time, same place. 'Sorry this is so late but better late than never, I suppose. I've been very preoccupied - but I hope to see you there!
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Saturday, July 9, 2022 at 3:00 PM to ? is to be our July meeting at the Moon and Sixpence pub in the Hollywood district of Portland.
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Announcing the August, 2022 meeting - next weekend on Aug. 13. Same time, same place.
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Announcing our Sept. meeting, which will be on Sat., Sept. 10 at the same time and place. September usually brings beautiful weather and a good time to hang out with carnivorous plants and their owners in the out of doors at the M and S.
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It was nice meeting you all!
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It was fun having you there. After dialoging on these pages for 11 years we have finally met! We had a rather small turnout, I think due to the warm temps and smoky fire conditions.
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Next Saturday will be the October plant meeting - same time, same place. That is: Oct. 8 at 3:00 at the Moon and Sixpence pub in Portland. 'Hope to see you there.
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Sorry to any interested that this reminder is going out so late. This Sat., Nov. 12 is our next Portland area meet-up. All are welcome. Same time, same place. If you don't know where or when see previous post(s).
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Here's your notice of the Dec. 2022 meeting which will be on Saturday Dec. 10 at the Moon and Sixpence pub beginning at 3:00 PM. Come for a chance to discuss carnivorous plant topics with other friendly local growers - and bring any plants you might want to give away or favorite plants you want to show to others. For instructions on where this is and how to get there see the first post on this thread. 'Hope to see you there!
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On Sat. January 14 we are having our monthly meeting (party, meetup, etc.) at the same time and place. Should be a lot of fun! For those who are tuberous sundew enthusiasts I would expect some of those to be there. 'Hope to see you there!
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Here's your notification -

On Saturday, Feb. 11 we will be having our February meet-up at the Moon and Sixpence Pub from 3:00 PM until everyone leaves, ha! We should call these Plant Parties, because that is what they really are. Come and have a beverage or a British pub snack (they have good food) and join us for carnivorous plant conversation. And maybe bring a favorite plant to show off, too!