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TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

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Looks like I will be in town this Sat., but probably not staying late enough to make the Sun. meet-up. Hope everyone has a good time. I will try again next month. Hope all your plants are doing well.

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It has been announced that the August meeting will happen at our new venue The Laurelwood, at 5115 NE Sandy Blvd, which is within 5 minutes’ drive of the Moon and Sixpence. The date is Saturday, August 10 and the time 3:00 PM.

I have missed the last two meetings (!) due to work necessities and so I am hungry to be back! 'Hope you see you there!
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Thanks for the update. We were gathering last month on the upper patio. Up the stairs outside right off the parking lot behind the building.

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This month is to be the rotating Sunday date, though at the same venue for our monthly meeting (see above.) The date is Sunday, Sept. 8 at 3:00 PM. 'Hope you can make it!
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And the October meeting is to be next Saturday, Oct.12 at the Laurelwood Pub (for address see above.) It will begin at 3:00 PM. Be sure to ask the host/ess where the plant people are meeting as there are numerous pockets of the place we might end up in. 'Hope to see you there!
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And for this month, November, our meeting will be at the same place (see above) at 3:00 PM on November 9. As always, be sure to ask your host/ess where the plant people are meeting when you arrive.
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The experiment that has been having the meetings on Sundays every 4 months has been concluded so you can look for our next meeting on the second Saturday of the month in Dec. and every month thereafter. I will post a reminder when we are a week away.
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An update: Our recent meeting venue has new management that wants us to guarantee them $200 in business plus tip so we are moving again. The good news is a new venue has already been found. It is the Lucky Labrador Tap Room at 1700 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217. We will be meeting at the same time and time of the month - 3:00 PM on Saturday Dec. 14, the second Saturday. 'Hope you see you there!
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Just a reminder that next Saturday, Jan. 11 is our next meeting at the Lucky Labrador (see above.) The time is 3:00 pm. The new venue seems to be a hit with our members and they have good pub fare and welcome underage people with parents. 'Hope you see you there.
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It is time to tell everyone interested that the February meeting is next weekend, Feb. 8 at 3:00 PM at the Lucky Lab (for more info see above. ^) 'Hope to see you there!
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The March meeting, which was to be this weekend - Sat. the 14th, has been cancelled due to the Corona virus. The Portland Oregon area has not seen significant if any cases of the virus but we are less than 200 miles south of Seattle so we can guess that it is coming. Hopefully its appearance will be mild but it good to be cautious. 'Hope you see you next month in April!
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Thanks for the update. Hope everyone and their plants are doing well. Hopefully we can be back to our usual fun time next month.

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April meeting cancelled

So sorry for this being so late but it is probably not really needed. The April meeting has been cancelled due to risk of spreading the Covid 19 virus among our members. But we can keep our springtime enthusiasm going here on TF. Hopefully things will be better for next month and I promise to give you more time to plan then. Keep safe, everyone!
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May meeting cancelled

I don't think it will come as a surprise that our May meeting has been cancelled but I wanted to make it clear. Our organizer, Carson Trexler, has stated that the June meeting is likely to be cancelled as well but there is some hope for July. We will see. It certainly leaves a hole in my life but we want everyone to be safe and healthy. Our region has not seen the rate of infections that some other parts of the country have seen and our sacrifice is just one more that is being made for the good of all.

Keep the faith and keep growing!
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It looks like all meetings will continue to be postponed until it becomes possible to meet without fear of spreading the Covid19 virus. For now, no news means no meetings. Sorry if I didn't make this clear earlier on. I promise to bring the Terra Forums community up to date as soon as I get wind of any significant changes. Contacts between members have been much more one-on-one since the pandemic hit and I encourage that kind of communication, using sensible precautions of course. Having an outdoor conversation across a yard while wearing masks might sound strange but it is actually pretty satisfying.

I hope all who read this are keeping safe and healthy, and that your plants are prospering!
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A check-in, being as it has been awhile. It may well be 6 months or more before regular meetings are resumed so I offer this idea. A few of us have met in local parks and other outdoor places wearing masks and keeping our distance while showing off our plants, making trades and otherwise discussing our hobby. In groups of from 2 to 4 people this is a low-risk activity and is a lot of fun. I suggest you might contact other growers in your area and arrange to meet and chat. It's a lot of fun and, at least in my mind, good for the soul. Of course this works for any part of the world, you don't have to be in the Portland, Oregon area.

I will bring you updates as soon as there are any and, barring that, at least check-in every so often. Please keep safe and good growing!
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Big news! There is to be a get-together of those interested this Saturday, June 12 at Wilshire Park in Portland, Oregon. 'Sorry for such short notice but marks this first meeting since the Covid pandemic was announced. Bring plants to show, trade or give away if you wish but expect a chance to chat with like-minded cp growers like yourself.
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Here is the quote from the new meeting announcement:

"Come one come all,
The Oregon Carnivorous Plant Community will be hosting a gathering on July 31st at Clackamette Park in Oregon City from 4-8pm! This event is open to all who wish to attend. Bring plants for show-and-tell, giveaway, trade, and be prepared to meet a ton of other plant-obsessed nerds just like yourself.
Further details pending"

I'll keep you all up on whatever news comes.
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I don't have any more news so the previous post stands as complete. 'Hope to see you there!