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Temperate Pings for Minibog

In a few months, I will be moving to upstate New York (Ithaca/Finger Lakes area, USDA zone 4b/5a). I've never lived in a cold climate before, and I am excited to try out some new temperate varieties that I was previously unable to grow. One group of plants I am interested in is temperate/hiberaculum forming Pinguicula. I will be setting up an outdoor minibog next spring, and I am wondering which temperate ping variety would be best. The area I am moving to has long, cold winters (lows of -15f) and short mild summers (days in the 70s, low 80s, nights in high 50s, low 60s). It is also native to the gorges and mountain bogs near the town I am moving to. P.vulgaris should seem like an easy pick, since it is native, but it seems to have a reputation for being more difficult that other temperate species like P. grandiflora, P.macroceras, P.vallisnerifolia etc.

I have heard that P. grandiflora is the most forgiving temperate ping, and the most amenable to minibog cultivation (as opposed to elaborate "dripping rock wall" setups I have seen temperate pings grown in. It also seems to be the most commonly available. I am not sure if it would survive my winters, however, as its native range seems to cover areas of western Europe, such as the UK, that have relatively mild winters.

Which temperate variety would be the best for me to start out with?
The easiest species to find would be P. grandiflora or P. macroceras, and both should be able to survive outside in that area, both are realtively easy species to work with as well. Just make sure they don't set seed and get away from the bog, though.

for the temperate ping you have 2 substrats : acid and calcareous all must be cultivate outdoor all the time ( exept the complex crystallina and the annual lusitanica)

if you cultivate in mini bog : vulgaris-macroceras-grandiflora -corsica and the rare nevadensis- variegata-villosa are OK