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Tatorger's terrarium


Its a 55 gallon aquarium with 4 foot, 4 lamp t5. It gets about 88 degrees during the day and 68 during the night. the humidity is at an almost constant 68%.I know its not much too look at plant-wise, I'm just starting out. I've had pretty good luck with drosera seeds. Tell me what you think, any advice on terrarium growing would be greatly appreciated! Sorry the picture is so fuzzy, i took it in my phone

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The pic didn't show up. What I do is put the pic that you want to share on flickr.com, then click the "share" button and copy the URL provided under that link to then paste in your post. I'm sure there are other methods, but this is what I found to work for me. You can't just post a pic directly from your documents, unfortunately.
Can you see the picture?

Yup. Looks like a good start. Update with more phhotos as the plants get bigger :)

Just a suggestion: keeping the pots out of the water is better for some CP's, but for most drosera it's usually better (and much easier) to just have the pots sitting in a little water (no more than about a cm). Most of them do well in saturated soil anyway; and again, it's so much easier than watering each pot individally.

...also, you can increase the light to your plants by puting some sort of reflective material around the sides on the terrarium
Definitely let the Drosera sit in the water. Most of them like bottom watering better than top watering.
Give it about a year and you'll wonder where all of the growing space went when you can't see the bottom anymore.
very clean, like the idea of using the pots to elevate the light diffuser out of the water.
For the best ideas around,
look thru old posts.
We have terrariums, wire shelves, auto-waterer's and rainmakers...
the list & ways are endless.
If you look thru posts & run searches, it is the best way to see what people have been doing
and the results they have been having.

I myself have indoor terrariums, grow-racks/shelves with lights (makes it easy to get the lights the right hight from the plants, or vice versa)
and outdoor plantings. Also a nice lean-to greenhouse.
All of these offers a slightly different environment, & it takes time to figure out what plant works best, where.

It looks like you have a good start.... keep going & keep growing...
your plants AND your set-ups!
very clean, like the idea of using the pots to elevate the light diffuser out of the water.

Thanks, they absorb water and greatly increase the humidity before I put them in ,which was seconds before the picture, a the humidity was at 68% now its always in the high 80's or low 90's and i don't have a top on the terrarium
I use that method as well for my lowland neps.....very cheap and effective for generating humidity. only difference is I use small cups to set my pots in to keep them separated from the water supply. If you ever needed to step up the humidity use a pond fogger that can had for cheap but you may need a timer bc the humidity will get sick in there/media will get drenched. :) good growing.
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Some caterpillar I saw at work, I'm assuming some sort of moth

N. ventrata x dubia

N. st.pacificus

D. natalensis seedlings

D. spatulata

First flower as a cp grower! D. spat

D. filiformis
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GrowinOld's rainmaker was the inspiration for my auto watering system on my grow rack. you should check that out, now my plants are on a watering timer, and my neps are getting huge!
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i love your tank man :D bet its gunna fill up fast!!
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gratz on the flower! first of many hopefully. and that's one cool caterpillar...
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Newest N. ventrata x dubia pitcher and the first one that had any real color, officially addicted to neps :mwahaha:
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That caterpillar is an emperor gum moth i think.
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Not a bad guess, im 99% sure its Hyalophora cecropia though. I cheated and asked a friend aspiring to be an entomologist.
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I missed some in between pics, i had the tank flipped over on its side. Today i did an overhaul and took everything out cleaned it real well, added a chunk of egg crate to the back wall, i want to cover it in miniature orchids eventually. I flipped the tank back upright so my tall amp had some more room to grow. Also my U. tricolor that i had hidden away is flowering!!! and my D. adelae has roots coming out of the bottom of the pot with tiny plantlets all over!
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I am quite certain that would be cecropia :) very nice moth!

Good job on the terrarium!
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My tolumina 'pink panther'
U. dichotoma
Terrarium getting a little full
newest pitcher on my unknown veitchii hybrid (i think), quickly becoming one of my favorites. was traded to me as an n. albomarginata


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