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Tallest pitcher yet, just keeps growing!

Okay, about two years ago I had an 18incher came up. Since then I had split that plant in two. One half is doing really well and has about 20 pitchers but they're all normal size, not very tall. The other half, i'm not sure what it's doing. Last year it only put out two pitchers, both were pretty massive at about 16 inches tall, then about a week ago it finally started growing two more pitchers, one pretty small and the big one is 24inches tall so far! It hasn't opened up yet and i'm guessing once it does the actual pitcher is going to be gigantic. Problem with them getting so tall is makes it easier for the wind to blow over.

Anyways, I don't really get why this part of the plant is just growing one or two big pitchers instead of alot of normal pitchers, but it's kind of cool.

I'll post more pitchers once it opens.


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Fix the pics bro
Is that a leuco? Also you can get stakes at your local Home Depot. Very useful. Nice growing man!
It's a Sarracenia as far as I know. When i got it it was just advertised as an American pitcher plant. It's about 6 years old now.
I meant species. As in Sarracenia leucophylla. It looks like it.
Sweet! I cannot wait for it to open. My alata made a 23 inch pitcher last year. Im hoping I'll get a bigger one this year!
My tallest was a 36 inch pitcher from a Flava from North Florida. Since then it has calmed down to about 28 inch pitchers overall. My next tallest is a Flava I have from Virginia with pitchers at around 25 inches and a regular Minor I have from North Florida at around 18 to 20 inches (which beats my Okee Giant which is only 15 inches so far ).
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It's a Sarracenia leucophylla. Does it remain white and green? If so it is one of about 4 main Sarracenia leucophyllas.

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My largest is my leuco, 25 inches tall, than my alata ' night' with 23 inch leafs
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Bigger pitchers are normal for the plant in reality. A larger number of smaller pitchers is likely to be because your other division has less roots or is more stressed. Over time it will revert to fewer, but larger pitchers.
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Okay, i didn't post pictures of the old one maturing, but that one has since turned brown and faded a bit. Still standing tall though at the moment. The plant has sent up another huge monster pitcher and this one is 29inches tall, another 5 inches taller. Not sure where this thing is going to stop or even if it means it's healthy. It only sends up one pitcher at a time.